How it Works

Selling your home is a big decision! Let us help you through the process.

  • Behind on payments?

  • Tired of tenants?

  • Inherit a home?

  • Going through a divorce?

  • Ready for a change?

  • Costly Repairs?

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What is your situation? How can we help you?

Getting to know your property

What are the details? Does your home have any problems? Any Repairs?

Walk Through

We set up a time to view your property and do a brief inspection. In most cases we can make an offer on the spot!

Sign an Agreement

We will agree on an offer and terms, sign an agreement and promptly take it to the closing attorney.

Wait for closing day!

The attorney will order a title search (usually 7-14 days) and will prepare the closing documents.


On the closing date, you will bring your photo ID, sign documents and leave with a check in your hand!

Getting to know you

  • No realtor fees

  • No commissions

  • No appraisal fees

  • No costly repairs

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